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Steve and Brenda Alves

We want to share cool rides, products, destinations, Biker friendly Hotels and Restaurants with our Motorcycling Brothers and Sisters.

June 2013, Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas Good ride with scenic Vistas.

Where We Ride

Arkansas is a great motorcycling destination, Pig Trail is a blast. Eureka Springs is very Biker friendly. Red Rock Canyon outside of Vegas Afforded us beautiful vistas and fun roads, make sure you visit the Hoover Dam Bypass. Talimena  Scenic drive in Eastern Oklahoma is an awesome 54 mile ride! Watch our Blogs for updated rides and tips.

Why We Do It

Motorcycles and Motorcycling is a passion. Motorcycles are, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful machines on the planet.  My 1977 FLH, for example!!

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